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11 months to go! What to do?

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

11 months to go couples! Time flies away. Did you start working already with Karem Events? Don’t forget it is a major checklist item from 12 months checklist! It feels pretty amazing when you check an item from your long list of checklist, the feeling of accomplishment. You still have 11 months ahead and here are the next round of to-do list before you say “I do!”

Did you ask help to find, DJs, photographers/videographers, etc & schedule appointments?

Bodrum is a quite popular area for destination weddings and each year there is a huge demand on services. It is better to look and book a reputable DJ, photography and videography services, hair and make up artist around the 11th month to be on the safe side. We recommend that you schedule consultations if you are working on these by your own by now! If you want Karem Events will help you getting proposals and you will have more time for yourself.

Did you book the venue?

We are sure you have a lot of alternatives in your mind to find the perfect venue for your perfect destination wedding in Bodrum. Looking for a venue and securing the date is the largest chunk in your plate of to-do’s. You solve accommodation and food and beverage services together. Venues have different services to offer so each provide different items. Some include tables and chairs while others does not! So pick the one which offers the most to reduce the costs but don’t give up from the quality! Make sure to get everything in writing in order not to forget anything important. This way you will protect yourself from any kind of bad surprises on your wedding day.

As Karem Events we exclusively work with Birdcage 33 Hotel, Yalıkavak. It is quite a new venue located on the hills of Yalıkavak, overlooking to the marina and the bay, with an amazing view. In the summer of 2022, Karpat was in charge of creating the concept of the restaurant and the Mediterranean fusion menu while we were working as their food and beverage management consultants. We had some amazing events and in 2023 we decided to have wedding events as well. Even though you won't have your wedding here in Birdcage 33, it is such a nice venue to have a pre-wedding party or a happy hour party on the deck by the pool. Have a look at their instagram account @birdcage33

If you need a hotel, we have more connections in Bodrum peninsula for your destination wedding in Bodrum. Consult to us before you book a venue!

Did you select your bride’s maids and best men?

They will be the most important guests of your wedding so picking them and asking them formally is quite important. They will be standing next to you, on one of your most important days of your life. Of course we know that you will pick dependable, trustworthy and fun friends. Don’t forget to choose the ones who look great in photographs as well (just kidding) :)

You might notice that wedding planning can be stressful. Be sure to pick who will definitely help you. Turn the asking procedure into a fun moment, maybe a brunch, a dinner, or mimicking as if you are asking to get married but instead asking “Would you be my bride’s maid?”. Don’t be shy to be creative, because it will also be a day for them to remember for the rest of their lives as well.

Did you send save-the-dates?

It is better for all to set the date as early as 11 month mark to keep a period for all to make their travel plans! They will definitely need time for that. We all have to adjust our calendars. Don’t forget to include all the available information that you have established until 11th month. Date and the city, the hotel, pics and websites… If you dealt a discount for your guests with the hotel or any other means that they might benefit, include that information as well. Use a nice photo of you as a couple while you post the save the date information with it! You can use an electronic save the date format instead of paper print letters to be more sustainable!

Did you choose your wedding colors?

It is better to narrow down your color palette sooner because it will affect all your choices! Those colors should be the ones you both will love and it will fit your mood of the day. Pick colors that coincide with the theme in your mind. Don’t forget, colors have energy and generates emotional effects. Choose the ones that will make you feel awesome and highlight your day.

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