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12 Months to go! What to do?

You have decided to marry at last! Congratulations. Now until the wedding there is a lot to do and manage! It is not an easy job to do all by yourselves. As the day of the wedding approaches the stress might increase and wear you out. As your wedding planners, we will have some suggestions to you in order to manage all the course and reduce the stress on you and your beloved ones! Here you are:

Did you find your engagement ring?

This is an activity you should finish before the wedding activities! It will always be a special object for you symbolizing the love between you and your significant other! It will be very important for you! For special designs, we made a special agreement with one of the best jewellery designers of Turkey, Tina Jewellery! Since 1972 they design extraordinarily beautiful jewellery that would definitely complement your beautiful wedding gown and they would design a special wedding ring for you and only for you with a unique design. Let us know if you want special Karem discounts that they provide for us. Don’t forget to have some insurance on them as well!

Did you determine your budget?

Crunch numbers! It is not fun all the time but you will need to do the math and figure out a bottom line for your wedding. Who is going to pay for your dreams is also one of the most important questions at this moment. Before starting anything, get ready to have some spreadsheet to plan it all and break down the budget you would allocate! This will make it easier to track down your spendings and adjust your budget changes accordingly.

Did you make a guest list?

You would like to invite as many people as possible, right? Maybe it is better to set a limit to the number and consider your head count, venue limitations and your budget. Until you set a venue, just make your grand list and get ready to cut the number of the people attending. It is not an easy process to eliminate friends and it may take some time so be prepared for it! As soon as the venue and the space and budget limits are set, you would be ready for iterating the list.

Did you hire Karem Events as your wedding planner?

Karem Events will help you to make your dream wedding in Bodrum. If you have no place in mind to have the wedding, or what to do, we would guide you in all the steps! Just share your projected budget and the number of the people you wish to be attending the wedding with us, we will help you to find the optimum venue and style! All will depend on the budget! Karem Events, Karpat & Emre as two detail oriented Virgo signed guys, they will be your 2 right-hand person and will guide you in all steps.

Did you think about a wedding workout plan?

One year to go and things can go south if you don’t take a good care of your body! A good effort is always needed to keep the body up in a good shape if you aren’t one of those genetically lucky people who can eat a ton and never gain weight! Do you have a physical goal for the wedding? A fitness and wellness plan is what you need until the day after the wedding! A diet, exercise, a personal trainer, being more engaged in a mindful way of living and keeping your emotional well being in a good state, you will need all! Not easy but you will feel the best.

Did you decide on your theme of the wedding?

What will be the vibe of your wedding? It must be a mutual decision with your significant other. Spend some time, in a lovely, stress free environment, preferably your favorite drinks at your glasses and a nice background music, and discuss what is important for both of you! What kind of decorations, entertainment and service do you like? Don’t rush to decide but discuss everything in detail keeping the romance in between!

Did you select your wedding venue?

You know who to marry now is the time for the “where” question! It is one of the most important decisions you have to make. The location affects all the decisions of number of the people, what to be served, what kind of flowers that you want around the venue and on the tables and so. It will cover the greater part of your budget as well. In Bodrum peninsula, there are a nice amount of hotels which are very good options for a dream destination wedding in a wide range of services, mostly luxury. As Karem Event’s we can direct you one of the hotels that we work with and ease this part of the process quickly. Karpat and Emre, we have been managing hotels, managing food and beverage sections, restaurants and beach bars of the hotels and giving consultancy on experience design and menu creation. We would enjoy to reflect our experience and gusto, helping you with your wedding planning process. We would be helping you putting a pros and cons list about your possible venues together.

With the hotels in Bodrum, catering is included in the services automatically. Deciding on the best option for your dinner party, check the menus that they provide do the wedding nights! It is better to give some time to evaluate all in detail to have a delicious wedding dinner.

Did you consider buying a wedding insurance?

After Covid-19 many things changed and still there is a lot of uncertainty hanging on there! A wedding is a financial investment indeed! Anything can happen and to be on the safe side, to protect yourself from any kind of damage and possible liabilities on your most important day as a couple, you can apply for an insurance as you start planning or once you secure a venue.


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