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Oh such a lovely family that we met through this wedding!


We got a call from Cem's mother asking us if we can organize a wedding in their garden of their house in Bodrum. We said "why not" and went for an inspection. There we also met with Yağmur & Cem and their father as well. It was such a beautiful setting and we got excited. There was one challenge that they were inviting 220 people there! After drawing a lot of seating plans with different kinds of tables and many discussions during the process we decided that the optimum number of attendees for the wedding in the garden would be 150! After the RSVP process, the number attending ended up in 180 and we worked on a totally different seating plan and we had everybody fit in the garden! Emre was praying no more people in the last minute checked in :)


It was such a beautiful wedding in Bodrum and all their neighbors were amazed how all those people fit in there and enjoyed the setting, the music, good food and the party!

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