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10 months to go! What to do?

10 months to go indeed! Let’s have a look up to now what we have accomplished since 12th month:

  • Started to work with Karem Events to minimize your stress

  • Selected the venue

  • Found the engagement ring

  • Selected the menu and the drinks

  • Proposed to our best man and bride’s maids

  • Chose the general theme of the wedding party and the colors.

  • Made the guest list

  • Sent the save the date and other relevant info

  • Started on a healthy diet, changed the mindset and dedicated on a workout plan

  • Chose photographer / videographer, hair & makeup artist, DJ

That’s already a lot in 2 months! Congratulations and have a glass of champagne. Let’s continue while you have a sip of it!

Did you choose your wedding dresses?

You have already chosen the theme and colors of your wedding and it is now time to hunt the best wedding dress which will reflect everything about you! There are two major things that you should keep in your mind while you are shopping for it: budget and dress type. Those two decisions will be your guide in the overall process of selecting among countless of options. First narrow down the budget and dress type options through some internet search and try to find what you like online. Don’t forget to narrow down! If you are paying for the wedding dress, consider how much money would you spend on a wedding gown first. Make it a window and try to stay in it as much as possible. If a family member of yours is paying for it as a gift, be considerable and think about their budget as well! It would be better to include that person in the process.

No one else knows your body type better than you! Select a dress that compliment your body and picture yourself in your head: How will you look like? Will you be confident in the dress? Will you be dancing a lot? In what type of a dress do you feel confident? What do you want to show and what do you want to hide? Ask all those questions to yourself and answer honestly! The answers will be quite helpful to sort out the type of the dress. You can share all this process with your bride’s maids in an enjoyable way and ask for their help to give you opinions. You can start trying them on in established brides shops regardless of the price first to find out the dress type and see on your own body.

For the grooms, to admit, it is relatively easy, yet all eyes will be on them as well! What you will wear should reflect your personal style and the aesthetic of your wedding. A tuxedo or a suit? A custom made one or a ready made, adjusted one? What accessories you will have on? So the dress code you set with your sweetheart will also affect your choices as well.

Bodrum is relatively hot in summer depending on the timing. Choose a style that fits the weather. You would prefer light weight chiffon or lace dresses which will also look good in a beach wedding. You can also consider an adjustable design where you start with a more formal look and just by taking a layer off the dress have a shorter skirt and dance freely as the night advances and have fun! Some of the brides choose 2 different dress for that purpose as well, and maybe another one for the afterparty! At the end it is one important day and you should just have fun with your family and friends, being beautiful, confident, sexy yet comfortable.

Oh! As we say comfort, don't forget about your shoes! It is every woman's passion, we know, and the best shoes which will compliment the dress would not be the most comfortable one. Bear in mind that you will be standing long hours on those high heels! You might need a second pair that fits more to dance and yet elegant and highlighted!

We know that some of the couples are highly sensitive about environmental issues and the sustainability. There are a lot of rental or second hand options that are in good conditions. That might be an option too. However another option would be that you would choose a wedding dress that you can alter with a talented tailor and convert it to another dress that you can wear in important events. This is also a way of recycling or up-cycling and still you would keep the memory with you!

Did you start building your website?

You already have some material to share! Your lovely pics with your sweetheart, engagement pictures, venue and location information that you can share with your friends. You can definitely start building it! It is also very useful to keep all sorts of information in there to answer questions that people would ask to you by calling. Instead they can just check the website any time they need it. You can include telling your stories about how you met, what made you fall in love, the highlights of your roadmap that carried you to the marriage! Some weddings have extra events before or after the wedding day, like an happy hour party, pre-wedding dinner, rehearsal dinner, a yacht tour in Bodrum, extra night of clubbing in Yalıkavak and so! If you have some customs that your guests should know, this is the best medium to share to make them familiar with your guests ahead. Make tour site reflect you and your story and your wedding style! Id you don’t have enough time to build a website, simply ask Karem Events for help! They are good at it.

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