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5 Months to go! What to do?

There are now 5 months left until the wedding day! How quickly does time pass? It's time for the finishing touches and we have to make sure nothing is skipped on our checklist. If you work with Karem Events already, they follow these processes for you. Rest assured.

Have you set a wedding dress and groom rehearsal day?

You have chosen your wedding dress and you are sure that you will definitely wear it now. Usually, the first wedding dress chosen is definitely undergoing a small renovation so that you can move comfortably in the maximum condor at the wedding. Doing this on time will make you feel relaxed as the wedding day approaches. If you have ordered your dresses from the same place for your bridesmaids, you can make the rehearsal day a fun event that you will attend together. Do not forget to take with you a shoe close to or of equivalent height to the shoes you will wear on your wedding day. This issue is very important as it will affect the length of the wedding dress or other dresses. Another important note is that if you have a tight wedding dress choice, or if you have been brave about décolleté, it is important to determine and take the underwear you will wear into the wedding dress with you during these rehearsals and understand how it looks with the wedding dress.

Have you booked transfers?

If there will be an organization that requires transportation on your wedding day, transfer companies have a very busy schedule in Bodrum. That's why it is so important to roughly determine the entire wedding flow with Karem Events and make vehicle reservations in advance if there are stages that require transfer. Getting offers from a few different transfer companies and comparing prices and deciding quickly is very important to ensure that the wedding day flows flawlessly and everyone is where they need to be when necessary. If you are going to use a transfer on the wedding day, we recommend that you arrange a vehicle to do this calmly with your future spouse, regardless of other guests. It may be a nice time frame where you can be alone, as the rest of the day will be spent hosting other guests until the end of the night.

Have you made all the rentals needed for the wedding day?

So far, you have determined your theme and gone over every topic on the lookbook with Karem Events. When you think about your theme, all the materials to be used in the wedding party area were selected to highlight this theme. Karem Events has contacted and budgeted everyone who will provide products and services for you. You can now deal with all other topics without thinking about this issue. You just need to make sure that all rentals are made, payment schedules are followed. The sooner you identify suppliers, with less uncertainty you will move towards your wedding day. If you still haven't achieved these stages or are undecided, this time frame is the right time frame for you to finish. Remember that Bodrum is a very busy wedding location and a limited number of suppliers serve this region.

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