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6 months to go! What to do?

Hello all! How is your planning journey? We hope our guidance is helping you a great deal! If you are already working with Karem Events, you are already following the check list that they provide! They are 2 Virgos, you know!

So, what to do this month? We will go over our invitation list and have the invitations designed, book the hair and make up and enjoy the planning process. Here we go!

Hair and make up artists for wedding

Did you book your hair and makeup artists?

It is quite important to find the right hair and make up artist for your wedding day! Hair and make up is even very important for women in the daily life, so we cannot stress enough that it will be one of the highlights that will affect the psychology of the bride during the wedding day! Do you remember anytime when you had a bad haircut? We bet you even cried in the past because of a cut that you didn’t like! We don’t want this to happen in your wedding day so finding the best match for you is essential! Since Bodrum has a high demand on destination weddings, the local hair and make up artists in Bodrum are quite busy all through the summer. It is best to book them ahead!

Check their instagram accounts, their past references, pictures and spy on them! Stalk them! You can ask Karem Events, Karpat & Emre to find one for you as well. They have been working in live event production industry and fashion shows for long years, so they have some experience on that!

You should also have a trial run with the artists that you chose and schedule that as well. You might be preparing some examples that you like to show them as an example. In your trial run, you will find out what works and what doesn’t. Don’t forget to record your ideas in the trial run to save as the reference for the wedding day and share them with the artists after the run through e-mail so that everyone will remember the ultimate decisions. Don’t forget to take the picture of the look that you like most!

Book now before you regret not doing it earlier!

Did you have your wedding invitations designed and ordered?

You have decided on the wedding date and the location earlier and now you are 100% sure that it won’t change. So, it is time to prepare the wedding invitations! Start working on the wording of the invitations and go over all the words and information carefully. Let someone else read it for you! Another helping eye is always important!

Since it might be costly to change the information after the printing process, it is better to check all possible mistakes in advance and approve your final order after being sure there is no left! Better be cautious than being sorry!

Did you decide on paper invitations or e-invitations? Did you consider how people will respond? If people need to choose from a variety of menu, how will they include their choices in their RSVP’s? Will you include direction cards and accommodation details? There are a lot of things to consider! We recommend e-invitations, both for the sake of sustainability and because it will be less costly to make changes. Anyway, everything can be done on mobile phones now. Why not we use technology?

You should also consider on the design which will reflect you, your personality as a couple, your tone and theme in your wedding party. You can either work on yourself with some online do it yourself design tools and templates available or just work with a designer! There are a lot of freelance designers that you can find online! You can also ask Karpat & Emre to help you follow through this process.

We passed halfway in our journey to the wedding day! Keep yourself up and happy and don’t forget to enjoy every moment of this journey!

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