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7 months to go! What to do?

Hello again dear couples! We will focus on what to wear this month. How we will all be looking, the bride, the groom, the best man, groomsmen and the bride’s maids… We hope this “What to do?” series are helpful for you and gives guidance to your journey to the marriage day. So what to do?

Did you finish the previous months’ to do lists?

It is a good time to reflect on what you have been accomplished so far! You did a lot. Congratulations already. Just check if any undone item left and focus on it quickly to have it done and proceed. That’s just that simple.

Did you shop for your bridesmaid dresses?

You have chosen your dress for the wedding. How about your maids? There should be a coherence between your dress and theirs, as if they are an extension to your wedding dress style. If you chose a formal dress, the bride’s maids dresses should be elegant. If you chose a light style, your friends can wear dresses accordingly. You can choose a theme for them as well. Just keep in mind that in the pictures you will be a part of a composition that you chose and nothing should intervene with it. One important reminder: Do not force your friends to wear something that doesn’t fit their body types! They should feel happy in their dresses too. Another important reminder is to choose dresses that fit their budgets.

Online shopping is quite a part of our lives so creating a Whatsapp group and sharing options in the group will create a democratic consensus and will help you finding the perfect dresses for your friends all together. Just turn this process into fun! Shopping is fun!

Did you decide on your groomsmen style?

The looks are also important for men! What are they going to wear? Slim-fittet suits or tuxedos? If you chose a formal attire, we suggest dark colors like a traditional black or charcoal. You can also choose to be colorful especially if you are getting married in Bodrum in a great summer resort with sun and sea! You can keep the style with Mediterranean colors and style! You can use your wedding colors in the accessories like hats, handkerchiefs and boutonniere (the flower attached to the lapel of the jacket). The most important reminders for bride’s maids section is also valid for the men as well. Just turn this process into a fun process that you share with your friends and do not force them to wear something that they won’t like and feel comfortable in it.

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