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8 Months to go! What to do?

So, there is 8 months left before our wedding party! Step by step we are planning the process. Karem Event’s will be your companion all the way through to have a dream destination wedding in Bodrum.

Did you find hotel options for your guests' stay?

You are having a destination wedding so all your guests probably will be guests to travel, including you and your family. Finding a proper place for them is essential. If you agreed to have your wedding at an amazing hotel in Bodrum, most likely they have special wedding discount accommodation packages that your guests and you can benefit from and you all can stay all together. In order to provide alternative for different budgets, we recommend that you also arrange an agreement with nearby hotels which have different price ranges. For finding hotels Karpat & Emre can definitely help you since they have been living in Bodrum for a long time now.

If the hotel that your guests will stay is a bit far away from your hotel, you may also need to arrange a transfer for them or you can ask the concierge of the hotel to help your guests with their specific requests. Don’t forget to give your guests the directions to your hotel so that they can travel with ease.

What are the benefits of blocking rooms for your guests? You can arrange a welcome bag and leave them in your guests’ rooms to make a surprise gesture for them. The staff of the hotel will most definitely help you with this process. Second, if you are booking a chunk of rooms, most probably the hotel will provide a free room for you and your future husband that you can use on your wedding day. If you are having a wedding website, don’t forget to add the information of the hotels that you made a deal with so that your guests can easily access and book.

Did you finalize your guest list?

It is the best time to finalize your guest list. Search for applications that you can manage your invitation processes to have a seamless flow. They make your life easier! You can collect all the information in there and you don’t get lost in paper lists or spreadsheets! Most of them have mailing list services. You can also put down notes. If you are going to send an actual invitation card to your guest it is better to have your guest list ready around this time so that you avoid any kind of negative aspects like lost mail. We always suggest e-invitations which is more sustainable!

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