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9 months to go! What to do?

9 months! You are working with Karem Events already and planning your wedding with great joy, we hope. These few weeks you don’t have much time because you need to put things in order before your most important days come and take a nice break from the life and the routines. Karpat & Emre will be searching and selecting the best vendors for you and make you feel comfortable on your wedding day. Now more things to do from your side. Here you are:

Did you set up a gift registry?

Setting up a gift registry is a practical way that you can present to your guests who are indecisive what to give you as a wedding gift. You make a list of items that you will be using in your daily life and mostly your guests present them to you before your wedding, most commonly in the bridal shower so that it is not a hassle for the wedding day. Considering that it will be a destination wedding in Bodrum, carrying extra luggage and big volume presents might not be possible so, everyone would be happy this way. Of course, the monetary gifts might be given at the wedding. The gift registry might include some household items that you would use in your daily life. You can ask brands if they have an application of gift registry system so that you can create a gift list from one brand and your friends might buy from that list and you have a consistency of the brands in the appliances and items that you will use in your home. If you don’t give any information about gifts in your bridal shower invitations, that might indicate that you are ok to have money as a gift!

Another option might be a donation to a charity or a social responsibility project if you already have everything already. You can pick up a cause that you like and direct your guests to donate there. That wouldn’t be a typical wedding gift, however it will be a nice one knowing that all the money spent is for a good cause.

Did you book a wedding cake supplier?

You have solved the catering with the hotel that you have booked. How about the wedding cake? Some hotels in Bodrum include the cake in their services but if that is not the case, ask for Karpat’s recommendation since he is a dessert chef and he used to make great wedding cakes, he knows the best wedding cake suppliers in Bodrum. As you can see in our gallery he prepared a lot of wedding cakes before and he is quite experienced in this area. Your guests won’t forget the food in the wedding and the quality and taste of it has a huge effect on the overall feeling of the event. Find a cake supplier and start working on what kind of a cake do you want in your wedding? How will be the decoration of the cake? What will be the style? Which flavors and fillings do you like? Is it a chocolate cake or filled with fruits?

You will need to set up a tasting for the menu, also arrange the cake tasting the same day so you finish all food and beverages decisions in the same day. Karpat and Emre will be accompanying you in your tastings and they will share their experience on food and beverage consultancy that they have been giving to the hotels to create menus for you! Bodrum is a popular destination for weddings and it is important to book the cake supplier as early as possible.

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